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Testicular cancer is now in the rearview mirror for Canadian composer and cellist Justin Wright. But during chemotherapy earlier this year, he thought of turning his diagnostic CT scans into a music video for “Hellbrunn Automatons,” from his latest album. His close friend, 3D animator Max Caplin, helped him turn those scans into “beautiful abstract explosions.” The result is both exciting and beautiful. [via Reddit]

“I started shooting this music video as a way to occupy myself during my daily five-hour chemotherapy sessions. I was really determined to make something beautiful out of this whole ordeal, and when I played my scans on the medical imaging software, I knew right away that this was it. These pictures, detailed, meticulous and repetitive, were the perfect representation of one of the most powerful feelings I had during my treatment: surrendering my body to a multitude of experts examining every inch of it, bit by bit. a morbid self-death where I almost stopped seeing my body as my own. We lit the 3D models like museum exhibits, and I used an AI colorizer to color each of the 2D frames as desired. The track, Hellbrunn Automatons, was written long. before my diagnosis, but its repetition and optimism as it breaks down ended up being perfectly paired with the visuals.”


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