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Brian Johnson explained why Justin Hawkins in the process took away the microphone from him Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert At London’s Wembley Stadium more than three months ago.

A microphone transfer occurred when AC/DC singer and METALLIC drummer Lars Ulrich has joined FOO FIGHTERS on stage at the Sept. 3 event to walk through the pair AC/DC classics.

“Please welcome our good friend to the stage Larsand: Brian Johnson from AC:– laugh…DC:“, FOO FIGHTERS front man Dave Grohl said as the group entered “Back in Black”. About a minute into the track, Johnson seemed to be marked Hawkinswho doesn’t care Taylor Hawkinsfresh his performance with Wolfgang Van Halen earlier in the day. DARKNESS the frontman took the stage and took the microphone Johnsonbefore exchanging lines with the legendary AC/DC vocalist

Earlier today (Monday, December 19)Johnson reflected on him “Back in Black performance with Hawkins when appearing on SiriusXMof “Truck Nation with Eddie Trunk”. Brian: said (as transcribed BLABBERMOUTH.NET“We were going to continue. Justin came and he was goingBrian:, I can’t believe I’m here. He said, ‘“Back in Black” It’s my favorite of all the songs in the world and I wish I could sing it [it]. And I said: “Come and sing the second part. Can you do it?’ And he went. And he turned… Dave Grohl was there. He said, ‘Dave:, Brian: just asked [me] sing the second verse “Back in Black”. And Dave Grohl said: “If Brian Johnson asks to sing the second verse “Back in Black”, you sing it. And he did. And then he went up. And I think he got out halfway through and I forgot the spiked words. But the worst thing was that he got so excited, he went out and forgot to bring a microphone with him. [Laughs] That’s why it was so awkward trying to sing with one microphone. And he’s, like, six foot two or something.”

One day after the London concert on September 4. DARKNESS posted a video on Twitter Justinperformance of Wolfgang and included the following message:Wolfgang Van Halen grinding “hot for teacher” with Dave Grohl & Justin Hawkins @foofighters @MammothWVH @thedarkness #TaylorHawkinsWembley #TaylorHawkins EVH: is [smiling] somewhere”.

In response, one person tweeted:[Justin] should have been kicked in the ass for his little tricks behind the scenes Back in Black”and another fan defended DARKNESSthe singer, writing:Brian: called him to the stage.” Justin then joined the discussion himself, tweeting: “Yes, 10 seconds ago AC DC Section: Brian: told me to get up for the second verse BIB:. I didn’t want to do it, I’ve never sung like that before, but DG: said if Brian: tells you to do something, you do it. Yes Yes”.

shortly after Wolfgang Van Halenwho received rave reviews for his performance of several songs VAN HALEN classics, weighted by writing Justin answered. “Haha, I wouldn’t say that 😉 Sounds like me, to be honest BJ: just wanted to pull myself together for a laugh and give his voice a few seconds to recover in time for the rest of the track. I thought he did a great job and I’m always happy to help out when needed.”

On September 5. Justin issued a statement detailing his participation Johnson/Ulrich part Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in London saying. “10 minutes ago AC/DC respect section Brian Johnson asked me to come and sing the second part of the song Back in black. I balked at first, I’ve never sung it before and I didn’t want it to sound like I was at the gate. Nevertheless, Brian: was really stubborn and Dave Grohl told me that if Brian: tells you to do something, you do it.

“I had Rufus [Taylor, THE DARKNESS drummer] drag her phone lyrics and i turned it on but honestly i think Brian: just wants to create a spontaneous memorable moment and laugh so he can really push forward and smash the rest of his collection. The stage manager was trying to get me a microphone, but I didn’t know which one to take, so I had to steal it. Brian:which looked a little awkward.

Brian Johnson is an absolute legend and Dave: it was right, I couldn’t refuse.”


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