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Almost Famous, a film adaptation of Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical look at his early years as a rock journalist, will close on Broadway on January 8, 2023. Broadway’s winter season has a high mortality rate, joining recently shuttered shows like KPOP, Walking With Ghosts, A Strange Loop and Ain’t No Mo (the latter received a brief reprieve). And it’s a testament to the harsh economics facing the COVID era, with tourism still struggling to match pre-pandemic levels and federal subsidies running out.

When Almost Famous closes, it will have 30 previews and 77 performances. Last week, Almost Famous grossed $765,060 and played at 74% capacity.

Producers Leah Wollack and Michael Cassel said in a statement. “Almost Famous,” like the music it celebrates, will endure. We look forward to the release of the cast on March 17 and many productions in communities across the country and the world for years to come.”

Almost Famous features book and co-writing by Crowe and music and co-writing by Tom Keith. It was directed by Jeremy Herrin. Like the film, the musical follows an aspiring journalist who gets an assignment from Rolling Stone as a teenager to invest in a fledgling band on the road.

Opinions about the show were mixed.

VarietyFrank Rizzo wrote: “It’s all fun enough, and certainly a special draw for the nostalgic baby-boomer-plus crowd, but there’s nothing extraordinary about the stage transformation. Not even almost.”


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