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Blake Shelton will be leaving The Voice after Season 23. After her departure, NBC’s smartest move is to leave the singing competition alone.

Season 22 of NBC The voice ended with Bryce Leatherwood becoming the champion. The country singer’s win marked the ninth time coach Blake Shelton has defeated a performer. Shelton is the last original coach left on the reality TV show, but he has already announced that the show’s 23rd season will be his last.

Shelton’s departure puts The voice at an intersection. Not only is Shelton the series’ most decorated coach with nine wins (three of them in a row), but he’s also been a big part of the show’s continued success. Viewers enjoy his humor, his down-to-earth good nature and his hands-on approach to coaching the contestants. His absence will create a void that NBC will struggle to fill. That’s why the show needs to take a long hiatus before it begins its post-Blake era.

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Blake Shelton has been pivotal The voiceGood luck

The Voice Season 22 coaches and Breland

For more than a decade, The voice has been one of television’s most popular and enduring reality competition series. One of the biggest reasons is the series’ importance to its coaches. While a lot of competition shows similar long-term American Idol made TV personalities out of their judges, The voice went a step further by focusing on the coaches’ banter and emphasizing their role as mentors to their chosen contestants. Shelton has been central to the show in both ways; he is often at the center of the interaction and is a very hands-on trainer.

Season 22 The voice The show added three singers to the knockout rounds, up from two in previous years. The show also eliminated the Mega Mentors, established music stars who would guide the contestants through the season. Instead, the coaches again worked directly with their singers. These changes showed that The voice is poised to evolve as it moves forward, which will be important as the show envisions a Shelton-less future.

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a Sound: Hiatus will refresh the demo more than new trainers

The Voice Season 22 Blake and Brayden

When? The voice Debuting a 24th season either in late 2023 or even 2024, it will land in a different television landscape. 20 years after the rise American Idol, song contests are not as effective as they used to be. Although reality shows are still gaining attention, such as Peacock’s upcoming shows The traitors, the days when an up-and-coming singer could become a bona fide star through television are dwindling. Reality TV has seen several ups and downs in popularity. A break for a season or two The voice might make viewers more excited to see it again.

In addition to the freshness that some time away can bring, Shelton’s position as one of the show’s most popular coaches will be hard to fill. Whoever takes his place will have to deal with the inevitable comparisons. Allowing some time to pass and letting Shelton’s memory fade a bit, The voice could give his next coach a better chance to succeed. Season 23 is already adding Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan to replace John Legend and Camila Cabello. There will be a stop to the shooting in the hand The voice must deal with the loss of its most famous face and steer itself in a new direction.

The Voice now airs on Peacock.


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