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Google is in the process of rolling out Android Auto’s Coolwalk redesign to most users, but there’s another new feature that’s also making its way to the platform. Now, Android Auto finally adds a search bar in music apps.

While Android Auto has supported a number of music apps since day one, one feature that’s always been missing is the ability to search by song or podcast while it’s playing. Rather, the experience shows a progress bar and controls to skip or restart a track. It works, but it often leads to users pulling out their phones to search for music or a podcast, exactly what Android Auto is supposed to avoid.

An update to Android Auto’s “Coolwalk” redesign that arrived this week brings search bar support to the platform’s music apps.

This update doesn’t seem to be very popular yet, but for those who have it, a search bar appears in music apps, including Spotify, and allows users to drag the bar to scroll through a song or podcast. It’s pretty simple functionality, but something that’s great to finally see. As it stands today, this is also something Apple CarPlay doesn’t widely support.

We’re not sure if this change is only happening with the Android Auto redesign or for those with the older design as well, but it stands to reason that Coolwalk will be a prerequisite. Do you see this feature in your car? Leave a comment below.

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