A mom stuns a Nashville salon when she’s given a fiddle, TikTok

“They didn’t expect him to absolutely fall apart,” his daughter said on TikTok.

Script from Olivia Ritts’ TikTok video

A salon-going mother in Tennessee got an unexpected moment in the spotlight after a live band handed her a violin.

TikToker Olivia Ritts recorded her mother, Sue Kittredge, unwrapping her scarf, picking up a performer’s violin and wowing the audience at Nashville’s Whiskey Bent Saloon with a spot-on solo.

“They didn’t expect him to absolutely fall apart,” Ritts said on his TikTok.

And Kittridge shredded, even adding a lick of glissando at the end of his solo as the cherry on top.

The audience at the bar wailed in the background, and a man jokingly led the band’s fiddler to the door as he listened to his mother play.

The video has collected about 6 million views on TikTok.

“Your momma went down to Georgia,” Yung Gravy, rapper and infamous online mother romancer Ritz, wrote on TikTok.

“I love it when things like this happen,” said another. “A perfect example of why music makes the world go round.”

Ritts said her mother was classically trained before she met her father, who introduced her to country and bluegrass. Now they have their own band called Coconut Radio Band.

According to the band’s website, Kittredge has twice been nominated as one of Trop Rock’s five female artists and has played music with her husband from the Florida Keys to Chicago since they met in 1992.

“He’s crazy and incredibly talented,” their daughter Ritts said in the comments of her TikTok video.

“With the coat and everything… I was freezing,” one viewer said.

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