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We’re no stranger to celebrities constantly trying new endeavors to add to their “numerous credits.” Sometimes it works, but sometimes it’s a “you’ve got to stick to your day job” moment.

Here are 17 celebrities who gave music careers the old college, before deciding to stick with what they know best.


In 2011, Kim Kardashian threw her musical hat into the ring with a single… and she didn’t do it “amazingly cute.”

Kim released “Jam (Pump It Up)” to almost no fanfare, but luckily, the money from the track went to charity.

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When asked about her single, Kim said: “If there’s one thing in life I wish I hadn’t done… I don’t like it when people are kind of busy doing things they shouldn’t be. And I do it. I think I should have been. For example, what gave me the right to think that I could be a singer? For example, I don’t have a good voice.”


Jennifer Love Hewitt has worked as a music artist several times.

In 2002, we saw his graceful return to music. After signing with a new label, Jennifer released an album Bare.

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The album actually charted at #37 and included the single “How Do I Deal”, which peaked at #59. Since then, he’s released a few more songs, but nothing that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention.


Tyra Banks released a single in 2004, but she was not named America’s Next Top Music Artist.

When asked why she got into music, Tyra said: “After I retired from modeling, the only way I thought I could continue working on the stage I loved so much was if I had to sing to do it.”

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The song was called “Shake Ya Body” and featured contestants from the second series of the competition America’s Next Top Model! (who were doing it as a modeling challenge for the episode) in the next music video. The song and music video debuted in the same episode Hauntedand even though it ended up being the show’s highest-rated episode at the time, Tyra didn’t feel the push or need from the public to keep the music going.


Lindsay Lohan actually showed a lot of promise as a pop star, but for reasons she had to take a step back from being a singer.

That following year, Lindsay released her second album, A Little More Personal (Raw), and while it did quite well, Lindsay’s departure from the spotlight also meant a hiatus from music.

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Although, now 17 years after that second album, Lindsay has since released a single called “Back to Me” and stated that she wouldn’t mind returning to music in any form. She told Who What Wear. “If you hear music from me, I hope it’s in a movie musical,” he explained to the publication, before adding, “I’ve got a ton of songs sitting around waiting.” Maybe five years. down below, I’ll make another album.”


Believe it or not, Ashley Tisdale had an entire music career that had nothing to do with being Sharpay Evans.

Ashley went gold once in 2006 with her debut pop album Headstrong and again in 2009 with her pop rock album Guilty Pleasure.

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For 10 years, he was musically silent and thrived solely on acting and voice acting, even after breaking out of the Disney bubble. However, 2019 saw Ashley Tisdale’s fateful return to music with her third album Symptoms. When asked about his return, he told Paper Magazine: “I’ve been out of music for so long, I always said I wasn’t going to do music just to put something out there. That has to mean something.”


Before becoming Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. took a stab at becoming a music man.

Knowledge of this album is now more of a niche anecdote, along with RDJ’s other musical efforts.

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Aside from a tease of Jeremy Renner’s MCU character Hawkeye Captain America. Civil war — RDJ’s musical pursuits remain a little-known joke. Robert Downey Jr. had this to say about the idea of ​​moving forward with music. “I’ve got a really busy film career and I’m a dad and I don’t necessarily see that. [more] beneficial to the general public or to my interests in the music industry.”


You may love or hate that Eddie Murphy makes music, but there’s no denying that he’s actually got some bops.

Despite his commercial success, Eddie hasn’t released new music in decades, but apparently he’s never stopped working on it.

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Not even mentioning it ShrekEddie Murphy has said he never stopped making music, he just won’t release it. He told BET: “Whatever muscle I use to be funny, I have a muscle to make music, and I use them both all the time. I never stopped making music. However, I stopped publishing it because… the audience gets weird from it. And I don’t want to be that guy.”


Scarlett Johansson’s career actually includes many musical pursuits… including being a theater kid.

Since 2009, Scarlett has not released an album, but continued to sing in various projects.

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Music is undoubtedly still in the heart of “ScarJo”. Since 2009, he has been singing the song “Bullet” on Steel Train’s Terrible Thrills Vol. 1″ album, the song “One Whole Hour” for the documentary film. Wretches and villains, song number The Jungle Bookand for two songs Sing.

She even fronted an all-female pop group called The Singles, which received a cease and desist order after releasing just one song from another group of the same name for trademark infringement.


Supermodel Naomi Campbell was a super-popular “one-hit wonder” in Japan… no, really.

Although Naomi has never commented on her short-lived singing career, decades-later reflections on the album actually show a greater appreciation for the project than at first.

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Back in ’94, Naomi’s album producers spoke for her, telling Hot Press: [the studio] Just for the sake of it.” It seems that recent album hints in Naomi’s music are more like what the producers, writers and the model herself have been seeing all along. Maybe he was ahead of his time.


Keanu Reeves’ talents don’t stop at the helm of many huge film franchises; he was also in the band.

In an interview with GQ, Keanu said he “feels bad for the other guys in the band who have to deal with the public’s skepticism about dawn actors.”

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Neither album really charted, but despite that and the star power of Keanu Reeves, the band toured Australia and New Zealand with Bon Jovi, opened for David Bowie and performed The Tonight Show in 2000.


We’ve known since then that Brie Larson had a great voice Scott Pilgrim vs. the World — but he actually dabbled in music, too.

Brie Larson’s music career has been largely forgotten at this point in favor of her impressive acting resume.

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But not his rendition of Black Sheep Scott Pilgrim vs. the World which was so iconic that fans clamored for it to be added to the film’s digital soundtrack was finally acted upon; Black Sheep is now available as it always should have been.


Before La la landRyan Gosling shared his voice as one half of a rock duo.

Ryan originally had no intention of singing on the band’s album at all.

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According to W Magazine, the original plans for the album’s songs were to have only the Silverlake Children’s Choir they collaborated with perform the vocals, but inspired by the children, Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields decided to sing with the children and go ahead. those recordings. The rock duo went on a tour where they teamed up with more local bands from the cities they visited.


Zoë Kravitz definitely got the music gene from her dad and ran with it for a while.

Zoe told Vice. “If it was up to me, I’d still have people who don’t know who makes music. People are so quick to judge these days…but I don’t intend to be. pop star I don’t really care if people like it or not, but if they do, that’s great.”

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Most recently, LOLAWOLF returned after five years with Tenderness in 2020, but it’s clear that music is more of an outlet for Zoe, and acting is her main gig. He’s pretty stellar at both trades, though.


On top of Suspicious Candles, Gwyneth Paltrow has also released several singles.

I hope the Glicks also remember that yes, Gwyneth was on the show and it wasn’t a fever dream.

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According to Grazia Magazine, Gwyneth’s infamous look on Joy, Holly Holliday, was written into the script solely for her to showcase her “singing and dancing abilities”. The character won Gwyneth a 2011 Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, met her husband Brad Falchuk…and just forgot to release an album.


And last but not least, Tom Hardy was a rapper. That’s right.

Whose music debut are you really a fan of? Let us know in the comments.


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