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Make no mistake. As has been well-chronicled in the pages of TVLine here for the past few months, The CW is going to look at: a lot different come in autumn. But amid all the changes, what a handful familiar shows you hope to see live on the network?

Back in November, CEO of new network owner Nexstar Perry Suk said “there may be a few shows” from The CW’s current slate that carry over into the 2023-24 season. And last week, our sister site THR reported that The CW “only expects to have three original American scripted series next season, including the recently renewed All American“. (The CW had no comment to TVLine about what the schedule for next season might look like.)

So back All American has already been renewed, which leaves two (2) other US scripted shows to air on The CW next season. The CW now has six shows still in limbo, plus upcoming DC series Gotham Knights (which bows on March 14). And that assumes none of the rest of the sections are filled new series, though The CW doesn’t really have much development.

TWO OF THE SEVEN detailed below, listed from oldest to newest, would you most like to see renewed by the renewed CW? Read on to check out the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, then vote in the poll below. (The survey will end on January 30 at 12:00 p.m.)

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