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The voice ended last week with the announcement that Bryce Leatherwood was the winner of season 22, but that doesn’t mean the other four finalistsBraden Lappe, Morgan Miles, Bode and: Omar Jose Cardona won’t be able to use the show’s exposure as a springboard to further their careers.

Brayden, however, will have to follow a slightly different path than the others, as he will be graduating from high school at just 16 years old. The Michigan native is a sophomore at Grass Lake High School, where he is known for his athletic skills in basketball, baseball and football, so much so that his looks The voice surprised the faculty and many of his fellow students who did not know he could sing.

That said, he also doesn’t want to let the opportunities that may arise as a result of reaching the finals pass him by. the voice so he plans to run with it.

“I’ve written a few songs with Morgan Miles and I’m going to put them down and hopefully continue to work with him because even before Lives, even before going through this long process, he’s been there for me.” ,” Braden says in one. his finale The voice interviews. “We wrote a little bit in Nashville, and I just want to keep writing those songs, whether it’s with Morgan or the people he connects me with, or even just the songs that I write. I want to keep doing that and putting them out there for people to hear and keep playing bigger stages, playing in front of more people. My goal is to ride this wave and not let it slow down.”



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