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As a native Montanan, I recently took a trip to see what the Yellowstone sites are like in real life.

Several Yellowstone scenes were filmed in Montana, including at the state capitol building.

Jordan Parker Erb/Insider

I had put off watching Yellowstone for a long time.

Born and raised in Montana, any mention of my home state for the past five years has been met with the following questions. “It’s like Yellowstone.

In short, no. A modern western drama with five seasons of blatant and illegal wrongdoing is a stark contrast to the sleepy state in which I grew up. Centering on the Dutton family, led by patriarch John, Yellowstone boasts a cast that can do it all. for their dynasty, the largest ranch in Montana. Think The Sequel, but with more cowboy hats.

But since the current season was airing while I was home for the holidays, I thought it was time to settle in and learn about my culture. And within a few episodes, I realized that there are actually a few things in common between the TV show and the state. settings.

While some scenes were filmed in Texas, Oregon, and Utah, many of the show’s locations are indeed scattered throughout the diverse countryside of Montana, including the infamous Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. So I set out to see some places myself.


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