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Timothy Olyphant and Quentin Tarantino

Timothy Olyphant and Quentin Tarantino
Photo:: Georg Jansezian (Getty Images for Turner)

Although he is mostly famous for online pioneering the art from leg pictures Quentin Tarantino also makes movies. And when he’s not making his own movies, he’s giving ideas away for free. That’s what happened with the new season Justified, in any case. Speaking EW:Dave Andron and Michael Dinner, the upcoming showrunners Justified revival Justified: City of Primevalexplain how it all came together when star Timothy Olyphant was filming Tarantino’s film. Once upon a time… in Hollywood.

“One day the phone rang and it was Tim Oliphant who said, “I was sitting on set with Quentin and we were talking about this book, City of Primeval. We thought it was going to be a great year Justified. So we started kicking around the idea, and FX was on board,” said Michael Dinner. “It was very difficult to put together because the rights situation was a bit unclear. some of the rights were owned by the property, some were owned by MGM, who were going to make this movie several times, and it took a while to get it off the ground. but then we did.”

Considers dinner City of Primeval “The crown jewel of Elmore Leonard’s work,” a hanging thread left inside Justifiedthe awakening of They were not the only ones.

Many people wanted to create this book before. It’s almost done [Sam] Peckinpah years ago as a film, and [Quentin] Tarantino wanted to make it a movie, and many wanted to play with it on TV, streaming or cable. We had a lot of experience to do Justified, and a few years later Elmore’s son approached me to do it as his own business. I’ve always loved the book, we’ve always referred to it when we were in the writers’ room on the original series, and so that was the goal. it would be his own.

Tarantino may get his chance. Earlier this year, we’ve learned that he might do a few episodesso everyone can now lock and load their footy pranks. However,he new direction means we’ll see less familiar faces this season. “Some of the old characters do appear, but it’s one of those things that the audience has to get their head around. it’s a pretty new cast. It’s a new group of cops around him,” Ardon said. “It’s cops in Detroit, not marshals in Kentucky, and it’s a really independent Raylan story with a few old friends thrown in.”

This all sounds well and good, but the absence of the names Boyd Crowder and Walton Goggins is very concerning. Maybe Tarantino can start talking to his ex The Hateful Eight friend and call these two.



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