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Donald Trump’s third presidential campaign started unsuccessfully. His business has been found guilty of fraud, he’s had Thanksgiving dinner with anti-Semites, and last week his “UNITED STATEMENT” turned out to be just a bunch of nonsensical NFTs. The latter was such a creatively lame move that it ended up being prime real estate SNL: 2022, first during the Cold Open and then during the Weekend Update opening.

Co-host Colin Jost began by pointing out that digital trading cards portray him as things he’s not, like a cowboy, a superhero and “most unlikely, a guy who didn’t miss the draft.” must help a “semi-retired maniac” avoid prison. After all, he said, “he’s pretty much blocked by the insanity plea.”

He then linked it to another recent Trump scam, saying: “It’s such a fun move to get into NFTs after the whole market just crashed. It’s like appearing with Kanye, which Trump kind of did.”

Elsewhere, Michael Che hit back at Sam Bankman-Fried, the crypto kingpin accused of funneling money from clients to make large political donations. “That money,” Che joked, “will now be used to make sure the cameras outside his cell are off.”

Later, Jost took up with another, actually rich monster. “A new study has found that using screens to stop a child’s tantrums can harm their ability to manage their emotions. The research is called Elon Musk.

Elsewhere on Weekend Update, Cecile Strong took a turn as one of her favorite characters, the very perceptive Katie Ann, in what ended up being her farewell to the show she’s been on since 2012.

You can watch the Weekend Update above and in the videos below.



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