Watch “AGT. All-Stars’ contestant who jokingly became Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzz

Despite working nonstop since becoming a season 17 finalist America’s Got Talent comical Mike E. Winfield He didn’t hesitate for a second to put everything back when he was invited back All the stars because being a finalist is not enough for him. He wants a title.

“The way I was sent home made me work harder,” Mike said in his video package before going through his routine.

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The comic, who has been doing comedy for almost 20 years, returned to the stage with his “funniest material yet”, and much of it was based on his family life. He is married to an older woman who already had a child, whom Mike refers to as his “step-man” rather than his stepson, as they are close in age.

“I love you,” judge Heidi Klum said as he finished his routine. “You have that superstar smile and you’re a ray of sunshine. You’re funny.”

And despite the fact that Howie Mandel Mikey had offered to open a job for him, which the comic was too busy for Simon Cowell who had kind words for him.

“If you had done that routine in the final, it might have been a completely different story because you came back more fun, more confident, I can even see in your eyes how much it means to you right now,” the Briton said. the mind told him.


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