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Former NBA player Jared Jeffries performed quite successfully The price is rightbut he may not be able to enjoy his winnings as much as he had hoped.

As reported WSMV4, Jeffries appeared on the beloved game show earlier this week, where he ended the night the proud new owner of a cherry red Toyota Corolla.

But the former basketball star, who stands 6’11”, doesn’t even think he’ll be able to fit into his sweet new ride, which is a pretty midsize sedan.

“There’s no way I’m going to fit in that car,” he said CNN: reporter Jeanne Moose. He also recalled that he recently took an Uber in the same type of car, revealing that he had to sit sideways just to fit inside.

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Luckily, Jeffries has the perfect solution to his car woes, as he plans to gift the new car to his teenage daughter, who will no doubt be able to fit in much more comfortably than her dad’s sports car.

Despite playing in the NBA for years and making millions doing it, Jeffries was still overjoyed at the chance to play. The price is righteven if he couldn’t get the new car out for a victory lap.



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