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Bender and the Santa Robot in the Futurama episode

Image:: 20th Century Television

Every year starting in mid or late November is when the TV networks go live holiday specials or holiday episodes. Most of them are new, and some are so old that you can probably reproduce them without much effort. But more often than not, they are memorable in some way or shape.

As a kid in the early 2000s, there were holiday episodes I loved from my favorite cartoons, the Powerpuff Girls racing to get to Santa and the North Pole before Santa. Billy and Mandy Save Christmas and Bender becomes Santa Claus overnight Futurama. They had just enough of the sweetness that comes with the holiday season while still feeling like regular episodes of the shows they belong to. This is especially true Billy and Mandy an episode characterized by Mr. Scarr as Santa gets pushed out of her at a mall. It’s a scene that’s just etched in my brain forever.

Another favorite of mine, at least on the animation front American Dad Christmas themed episodes. I haven’t watched the show in years, but I’ve always loved how they feel the need to be silly, right up to the Rapture (and subsequent post-apocalypse) and the Smith family making Santa an enemy. they accidentally kill him. The show has always been incredibly absurd, but these episodes go even further.

American Dad – The War Between Santa and Stan’s Family p1

So yes, for this weekend’s Open Channel, we want to hear about your favorite holiday specials or episodes. Maybe you see them as a tradition, maybe you just remember them well even though you haven’t seen them in forever, let us know in the comments below.

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