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Grammy Award-winning R&B artist SZA has released her new album. S.O.SOn December 9th, it got a lot of recognition. It’s a great release and definitely worth a listen, but as it turns out, his latest breakout hit isn’t even on the album. This is due to the fact that he recently performed a novelty song Saturday Night Live uploaded on TikTok. Now his fans can’t stop rocking to new hit ‘Big Boys’ (also colloquially known as ‘Cuffing Season’).

SZA performed part of the song as part of a skit called “Big Boys” on the December 3 episode of SNL. He appeared on stage alongside Keke Palmer, Cecily Strong, Ego Nwodim and Punky Johnson. It’s not SNL: skit, so the song comes with a goofy music video that highlights how all the women on stage want to spend the winter with older men who can keep them warm and fed. At one point, SZA looks disapprovingly at a shirtless wall poster of Chris Pratt, covering it with another photo of Pratt posing with Andy Dwyer. Parks and Recreation.

Her vocals are especially emotional and sincere for the comedic performance. SZA sings in the choir. “I want a big boy, give me a big boy!” Due to the richness of the performance, fans were shocked to learn that the song actually did not SNL: gag, and not from his latest album. One TikTok post with over 6.3 million views said: “Tell me why I just spent an hour trying to find this song on SZA’s new album only to realize it’s terrible. SNL: skit”.

The song has really become a chord. More than 106,000 videos on TikTok used audio at the time of publication. Even broadcaster and Pokemon influencer posted about it.

SZA’s sultry performance is featured on the song, and many reactors online used the chorus to celebrate their love and desire for older men. Some people use the song to show off to their partners, while others chose to dance. When it started, the trend caused some controversy. some users online have used the song to show off a “big” friend who is just tall and thin. So users have been going back and forth on who is or isn’t classified as a “big boy” online.

No matter where you stand, the good news is that the trend has alerted everyone and their mom to the sound of this song.


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