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During the TREKtalks2 fundraising live event on Saturday, Star Trek. Strange New Worlds star Anson Mount has revealed some details about the series’ upcoming second season.

Things get crazy in Season 2!

The conversation mostly covered the first season and other issues, but the discussion briefly turned to the second season Strange new worlds, which wrapped production last summer. Mount said he felt fans would like it at least as much as Season 1, and then talked about how Season 2 will build on Season 1;

I think we got some latitude from the scenes that worked that maybe some people weren’t quite sure it worked really well. We really have to go for it this season. So there are episodes that have never been attempted before.

As an example, the actor spoke briefly about the previously announced crossover episode.

So, for example, the one that has already been announced, the crossover back lower decks, is a wildly funny and straight comedy and we had a lot of fun with it.

Apparently, a comedy episode that takes animated characters and brings them to live-action isn’t the biggest new thing for Season 2. Mount explained.

It’s not even the craziest thing we’ve done. There’s an episode I think at the end of the season, and you’ll know it when you see it, where we were required to work many weekends. But we were so excited about it, it wasn’t labor intensive. We were excited to show up for Sunday rehearsals and everything we had to do to put this one episode together. We’re really excited about it.

Mount did not elaborate on this “crazy” episode. However, what he said adds some context to what co-host Henry Alonso Myers told TrekMovie on Star Trek Day last September:

We don’t tell stories without telling stories about characters. And that’s really what Season 2 is all about. But it also means bigger sci-fi ideas, bigger alien worlds, crazier stuff. We’re trying some things that have never been done before on Trek, I personally believe with success.

The first season has already seen a few episodes that could be considered a little crazy, including “The Elysian Kingdom,” where the crew was transformed into fantasy characters and Pike meets his alternate future at the end of the season. Perhaps Season 2 will see the oft-discussed musical episode.

Anson Mount in “Elysian Kingdom”

Fun with Carol Kane

Season 2 stars Academy Award-nominated actress Carol Kane as Chief Engineer Pelias. The Mount spoke briefly about what Kane brings to the show;

He is lovely. I love working with him. Obviously, I’ve been a fan of his all my life. So when I saw him, I said. “What? It’s crazy.” And I was so excited, and it’s so out of left field. But he is like this so fun to work with because he has this quality where he’s been doing it for decades and he has this thing where he never assumes he knows how it’s done and I don’t know how he manages to keep that feeling of purity. in any scene… She is constantly happy and funny and makes the most interesting choices. We were so lucky to have him.

Not much is known about Kane’s role. The Star Trek Day announcement described the Engineer as “highly educated and intelligent” and that he “doesn’t suffer fools. Pelia solves problems calmly and bluntly, thanks to his many years of experience.”

Carol Kane joins as the new engineer for season two

Season 2 Strange new worlds Paramount+ is expected to debut later this year.

Watch the full TREKtalks panel here and donate to the Hollywood Food Coalition if you can.

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