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The Forger family in Spy x Family.

Image:: Cloverworks/WIT Studio

Just like it’s pretty stellar first season is coming to an end, it was confirmed that Spy x Family’s Anime will be back. During this weekend’s Jump Festa, reps for the series confirmed that a second season is in active development and will arrive in 2023.

Along with that, the series will also get its first feature film next year. Details were scarce, but manga creator Tetsuya Endo is reportedly creating the film’s original story and coming up with new designs for all the characters involved. Endo also released a gorgeous new visual celebrating the announcement of both the film and the upcoming season, which you can see below.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, the pitch here is that master spy Lloyd Forger has adopted a young girl named Anya to get close to a high-ranking politician in a neighboring country. To further sell the family man angle and keep Anya safe, Lloyd ropes in an employee named Yore to pose as his wife. The twist here is that Yor is a secret top assassin who too must appear as a normal person; he and Lloyd don’t know each other’s double lives, but Anya does doing, because he’s a telepath. Plus, there’s a dog named Bond who can see the future.

Spy x Family it really took off with viewers as the first half of its debut season premiered in April and as it returned for its back half in October. Because it was so popular, a second season seemed like a definite thing, but less of a movie. But Cloverworks and WIT studios picked a pretty good time to make a movie, as anime movies, especially ones based on popular manga, tend to do. good enough at the box office when they hit Japan and ultimately provincial.

the first season of Spy x Family can be viewed on Crunchyroll and Hulu, and its season finale will air next week on Christmas Eve.

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