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Doctor Who? has always been a rather notorious show for ideas that exceed the budget constraints of the ailing public broadcaster; is a mainstay in the field of wobbly scenery and alien costumes. It’s a reputation that has survived even into its modern era. But as sci-fi TV becomes more and more cheesy, that’s about to change.

When the news broke Disney had acquired worldwide streaming rights for upcoming seasons Doctor Who? last year, there there were also reports that House of Mouse’s investment in the show will go beyond just the UK broadcast rights and will include a chunk of its huge, huge, huge sum of money. right into the show. Although it’s still up in the air whether or not Disney will actually contribute WHO creatively, incoming/returning host Russell T. Davies confirmed that he is working with more than when he formerly a helmet Doctor Who? thanks to the studio’s investment.

“But now, it wasn’t my idea, it was the BBC’s idea to go to the broadcaster to invest in the show around the world, which I totally agree with. We are not on budget Star Wars and Marvel: shows”, Davis said recently GQ. “It’s better than it was, yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, any piece of TV is worth millions. We are not allowed to talk about the budget and we are not about it Star Wars or Star Trek: level, but it’s more than I’ve ever had to work with… it’s not a 10 a million per episode. Absolutely not. I wish it was, it would make my life easier. But we are very smart about spending money, I think Doctor Who? has learned more tricks over the years than any other show, probably.”

It might not set the outrageous per-episode costs we’ve seen from recent genre series, but it’s a possibility. Doctor Who? actually have at least few money to match its ambitions is convincing. And it makes sense for Disney to help put up that money along with acquiring the show’s broadcast rights. aeventually, Doctor Who? is going to share streaming space with shows like this The Mandalorian and the MCU’s television output;T:V was created by huge movie studios with the hardware and financial wherewithal to make their products look as luxurious as their big screen efforts.

“[The budget is] One of the reasons I came back. you can tell stories on a larger scale. It’s the same old problems, I still have to cut scenes because they’re too expensive, and I still have to cut down on monsters and stuff like that,” Davis continued. “But actually my imagination is freer, much freer. Anyway, writing is just a joy. I’m really proud of it. Oh my gosh, some strong episodes to come.”

Doctor Who? returns to the BBC in the UK and debuts on Disney+ everywhere later this year.

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