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JTBC’s “Rich Reborn” is now the second highest rated drama in cable television history.

On December 18, the fantasy revenge drama starring Song Joong Ki reached its highest rating yet heading into its final week of release. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of the drama garnered an average nationwide rating of 24.9 percent, a significant jump from last night’s previous episode.

Not only did the ratings set a new personal best for the drama, but “Rich Reborn” surpassed “SKY Castle” for the second highest ratings of any cable drama in history. (“SKY Castle” achieved the highest ratings of its run during its finale, which earned an average nationwide rating of 23.8 percent).

“Rich Reborn” is now behind only 2020 hit “The Married World” as the current record for the highest-rated drama in Korean cable network history; the national average is 28.4 percent.

With two episodes still to go on December 24th and 25th, industry watchers are anxious to see how high “Rich Reborn” will climb in its final week.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Rich Reborn!

Catch up on the latest episodes of Reborn Rich with subtitles here…

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…or watch the full “SKY Castle” below.

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