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Dead end. Paranormal Park: closes its doors. The weekend hasn’t even started, creator! Hamish Steele broke the news on Twitter, saying that Netflix has decided not to renew the horror comedy (and sometimes musical) show of the third season. The series finale comes after news earlier in the week that Netflix had canceled the animated show Internal work after one season.

“I’ve been holding onto this news for a long time, hoping we can change it, change it…But unfortunately, I don’t think that’s possible at this time,” Steele wrote. “I tell you with a heavy heart Dead end is over.” Steele later explained that a writers’ room for a hypothetical third season had already been set up, along with scripts and outlines, when he received the news of the show’s end. Despite the show’s end, he thanked Netflix for being flexible. gave the show from the ground up and “gave us the freedom to tell this story.”

Dead end the first two seasons aired in the summer and fall of 2022 and were based on Steele’s YA graphic novel. DeadEndia. In the show, Barney Gutman and Norma Khan are a pair of new employees at their local theme park, which is also home to supernatural beings like demons and more. Starring Zach Barrack, Cody Cavitan, and Emily Osment, the show received fairly good reviews and gained attention for its quirky cast and Barney’s role. trans lead.

Although Dead end show is over, the series gets some proper closure with the third and final (currently untitled) DeadEndia: graphic novel. Steele said the graphic novel would serve as the basis for the show’s third season, and offered to buy reprints of the first two books. The Watcher’s Test and: broken halo, could provide a future for the show outside of Netflix. In the meantime, he said he will “continue to put on shows with the same passion as Dead end“.

“I hope Barney, Norman, Pugsley, Courtney and the entire staff at Phoenix Parks will continue to comfort you in the dark.”

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