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In a move that appears to be the final revelation of some deeply depraved scheme that just kills blockbuster video time and time again, Netflix has canceled its Blockbuster sitcom after one season. If it wasn’t enough for Netflix to kill the actual Blockbuster video, it had to make a slightly ill-received sitcom about Blockbuster so it could kill it again. Is there nothing so depraved that Netflix doesn’t fall into it to satisfy its twisted desires?

Anyway, to Netflix Blockbuster It wasn’t great, back AV clubSaying ‘s own Saloni Gajjar it was “uneven and predictable” despite the cast. The latest blockbuster still running, the series stars Randall Park and Melissa Fumero, both talented sitcom vets, plus Olga Meredith, Tyler Alvarez and JB Smoove. Variety says the show never managed to break into Netflix’s top 10 in the US, but it did somehow do it in australia and canada. Is Blockbuster something else, more popular in those countries? Like we have Burger King and Australia has Hungry Jack’s.

No one’s probably too divided on this, but the good news about losing Blockbuster is that someone can always come along and put on an identical show called Hollywood Video. Or maybe someone will make their own version of the Netflix sitcom, but instead of a comedy about people who work in retail, it will be a comedy about people who work in an office where they accidentally land the company in hot water.

“Oh no, you accidentally pushed the button that gives Dave Chappelle a new comedy!” Something like that. That may not sound very good to you, but let’s not forget that Blockbuster the show wasn’t very good either. It was simply canceled after one season.



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