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All six episodes of the highly-anticipated Netflix documentary Harry and Meghan have now been released, giving insight into their romance and decision to step back from royal duties. Lizzie opened up about what she knows about their relationship and insisted they will eventually divorce.

“The only racist I know in the royal family was Harry who wore a Nazi uniform.”

Questioning their marriage, James asked: “Do you think she and Harry will ever break up?”

“I think he will suddenly think, ‘I made a big mistake,'” he admitted. “I do because he would lose everything they brought him, his family, and I don’t think the Windsor brothers will ever come back from that.”

James added: “You think he’s more likely not to break up with her than she is to break up with him?”

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“I hope they’re very happy. Hear my thoughts. I hope they’re very happy because he’s given up everything.”

Pushing the issue of divorce further for the couple, James continued:

“He says he has and I never have and everyone talks about them like they know them. I hope their marriage lasts.”

Ash interjected and added. “But if he doesn’t, he’ll be accepted by the crowd.”

“And it’s not always that exciting to open hospitals.”

Ash simply countered. “He cut his father, his sister and he has no friends, they didn’t know which guests brought him, he will end up cutting Harry.”

Lizzie has previously stated that she regrets setting up the pair and has apologized for their meeting.

The TV personality met Meghan in 2013 and quickly became close friends, with Meghan saying she would “love an English boyfriend”.


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