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Image credit: It's Maybe Time for Jeremy Clarkson to Hang It Up

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Jeremy Clarkson, Ex Top Gear man is no stranger to controversy because it’s basically his entire brand. Well, not controversies, because that assumes it’s interesting on some level. Clarkson is a troll at first, the most classic of archetypes. The latest dusting shows that he’s not very good at being one anymore.

Clarkson, you see, has a column Sun, a British tabloid, itself its own distinctly odious section of the British media landscape. Clarkson’s column is published weekly, and her most recent one on Friday was about Meghan Markle, who is married to Prince Harry, both of whom don’t want to have much to do with the royal family or Britain these days. Clarkson wrote:

I had a wild deal with someone this week and it went so far that he hit the fence.

We both agreed that Meghan Markle is an unmistakable monster, but we couldn’t agree on how awful she is.

We dreamed up better and stronger insults, none of which can be published here, although they are all perfectly fair.

Except on Friday, December 16, he apparently decided to publish some of those insults. You can read the entire column here if you want, but I promise you the following tweet takes nothing out of context. This is partly, I am told, a reference Game of Throneswhich does nothing to make it any less terrifying.

Outrage ran high throughout the weekend, with the BBC reporting that the press regulator received over 6,000 complaintsand with Clarkson’s daughter, Emily, saying she “approaches what my dad used to say about Meghan Markle.”

These were among many expressing a horror that seems to have reached Clarkson, at least to the extent that he seems aware enough to know that this time he crossed a line. He tweeted on Monday.

And not long after Sun down a column whose borderline suggests Jeremy Clarkson knows it’s time to undo himself.

Image credit: It's Maybe Time for Jeremy Clarkson to Hang It Up

Screenshot:: Sun

Perhaps it’s worth examining Clarkson’s problem with Meghan Markle, except that her problem is simply that she there exists. And while it was possible for most of us to hold our noses at Clarkson’s content for years, it’s almost impossible to do so anymore. We all know too much.

What happened to Jeremy Clarkson fooling around with cars? We all kind of liked the guy. The current Clarkson seems full of bile, which no one likes. It’s also when you know it’s probably time to call it a career.



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