“Gossip Girl” summary. Georgina Sparks. Dan and Serena’s baby is confirmed

Gossip girlThe OG queen of mischief returned to the Upper East Side on Thursday, and she came bearing gifts.

More specifically, Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) dropped key information on two of the original series’ main players, Danny (Pen Badgley) and Serena (Blake Lively). And what better way to do it than at the couple’s apartment, where a kidnapped Kate woke up wearing one of Serena’s signature dresses.

“Brooklyn Heights. I’d rather go back to Camp Jesus than be caught dead here,” Georgina told her well-dressed prisoner. “This is Danny and Serena’s house. They fired their staff when they thought someone was breaking in. At first they thought it was the doorman, but when they kept coming home to it, they set up cameras everywhere. I had my son rotate the image, so now they’re bringing in a paranormal expert. They have no idea I’m their poltergeist. [I’ve been doing this for] five or six years. At first it was minor annoyances, taking a sock or two, reducing the heat. But then I wanted to have a little more fun, like replacing the oat milk with whole milk. Their child is lactose intolerant. They have seen every specialist and no one knows what is wrong.”

(So ​​there you have it: Dan and Serena, who famously exchanged vows in the original series finale, are still going strong, and they have their own little Gossip Baby.)

Georgina then had Kate sabotage Max’s fathers vow renewal ceremony, which turned out to be just a test. As she explained in the final moments of the episode, Georgina’s mission to “f–ks–t up” is just beginning, whether Kate likes it or not.

Of course, Georgina wasn’t the only character from the original series to make an appearance this week. We also meet Nellie Yuki (Yin Chang), who is now the youngest deputy editor in New York Magazine’s history. He previously appeared in an episode of Season 1 of the HBO Max reboot.

Was Georgina’s much hyped arrival everything you hoped it would be? Leave your thoughts on Season 2 Episode 6 below.

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