“Batgirl” Leslie Grace has revealed the latest costume for the HBO Max film Axed

Leslie Grace rang in the new year by sharing some new looks at what would be her big DCU debut as Batgirl.

Grace posted an Instagram video (embedded below) on Sunday that recaps her past year, and it included some photos/clips of BTS on the set of Batgirl , which was unceremoniously pulled by Warner Bros. in August. From the Discovery timeline. – forever.

“Thank you for teaching me, 2022. You were unique in so many ways that will stay with me,” Grace wrote, presumably referring to her superhero debut. “My gratitude and love for life is so much deeper because of the experiences you brought me. I take your lessons with me when we part.’


It Batgirl: The images included the first look at the title character’s final, upgraded tactical suit, as opposed to the leather outfit worn in the only photo previously available. A leather suit also looks more complete. A photo of Grace with (presumably) Brendan Fraser dressed as Firefly; and a look at some of the Batcycle stunts.

Batgirl:As reported over the summer, a significant amount of visual effects work was done as we saw COVID-related delays inflate its budget from $70 million to north of $90 million. Originally developed as an HBO Max exclusive and expected to hit theaters at some point, the DC film will not be shown instead. any good Rather, Warner Bros. Discovery decided to use the film as a tax write-off as the company works to pay off billions in debt.

Batgirl Firefly Fraser


In addition, according to some reports, the film did not test well with audiences, Warner Bros. To instill confidence in Discovery.

“We’re not going to launch [a] until the film is ready. We are not going to open a film to create a quota. And we’re not going to show a movie until we believe in it,” WBD President and CEO David Zaslav later explained. “Especially with D.C., where we think we want to turn around and we want to elevate and we want to focus.”

“We’ve reset” when it comes to any type of film release strategy, Zaslav said. As part of that, he added, months ago WBD would install filmmaker James Gunn and producing partner Peter Safran as the new heads of DC Studios (fka DC Films); DC… It’s very similar to the structure that Alan Horne and Bob Iger put together effectively [Marvel Studios chief] Kevin Feige at Disney.”

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