‘Avengers’ actor Jeremy Renner hospitalized after snow accident

LOS ANGELES (AP) – “Avengers” star Jeremy Renner is being treated for serious injuries sustained while shoveling snow, a representative for the actor said.

Renner, 51, is in critical but stable condition, a representative for the actor said Sunday. No further details are available on the extent of Renner’s injuries.

The actor has a house in Nevada. Renner was injured in Reno and taken to a hospital, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release. He was the only one involved, and the sheriff’s office is investigating, the release said.

Renner plays Hawkeye, a member of the superhero team The Avengers in the larger Marvel Cinematic and Television Universe.

He is a two-time Academy Award nominee with back-to-back nominations for The Hurt Locker and The Town. Renner’s portrayal of a bomb disposal specialist in Iraq in the 2008 film The Hurt Locker helped make him a household name.

2012’s The Avengers cemented him as part of Marvel’s larger historical ambitions, with the character appearing in several sequels and getting his own Disney+ series, Hawkeye.


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