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In a recent “ARN” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson said he plans to retire when his AEW contract expires in a year and a half. He also talked about the fact that his son does not get enough of television.

“I’m hanging on to the idea that Brock (Anderson) hasn’t had his second chance yet because of the rotation,” Anderson said. I still have a contract with AEW for about a year and a half, Brock about six months. We just don’t have enough segments of television to get everyone on there every week. I’m sure Tony is fighting it, trying to get everyone there and get everyone rolling, but we’re just hanging on. We don’t want to do anything else. He still goes to the gym he used to train at, Lodi’s, here in Charlotte a few days a week. We’re still in the ring for a few more days. We haven’t just been on TV. We’ve been gone, I don’t know if you’ve all noticed, all summer. We probably haven’t been on TV since May. I know it seems long for us. I don’t know if that sounds like a long time to anybody, but we’ve done some independent stuff, some independent bookings here.”



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