Amy Robach and TJ Holmes Spend the Holidays Together as ABC Revues Continue

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes were photographed together at the airport despite scrutiny over their relationship. (Photos: Getty Images)

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are leaving town. It GMA3: The anchors were photographed together at Atlanta International Airport on Monday. In the photos that were received The Daily Mail45-year-old Holmes walked around his girlfriend.

Holmes and Robach’s fling comes as a source tells Yahoo Entertainment that the two have “nothing to hide” about their relationship.

“They are going strong, despite everything,” adds an insider close to the couple.

“Everything” probably refers to the intense scrutiny journalists have faced regarding their relationship.

Robach, 49, and Holmes’ romance came to light last month The Daily Mail published the photos Good morning America! reporters get comfortable outside of work. The two have been married to other people since 2010, but Yahoo was told that Robach and Holmes split from their husbands, actor Andrew Shue and attorney Marilee Fiebig, over the summer.

Holmes and Robach continued to host GMA3:, the popular daytime spinoff show, a day after their alleged romance made headlines. Neither addressed the brewing scandal. But they went off the air the following week.

ABC News president Kim Godwin told employees on a Dec. 5 editorial call that while Holmes and Robach’s collusion was “not a violation of company policy,” the network had to do what was best for the company. ABC has launched an internal review, and Holmes and Robach remain on the sidelines.

Multiple reports have claimed in recent weeks that Holmes had an inter-office affair before she and Robach got together. Both women were reportedly subbed, so it’s probably part of the revision. ABC’s investigation is ongoing.

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