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Despite all the hype surrounding yet another Star Wars series, it seems its main character isn’t as universally loved.

As the first looks for the upcoming Ahsoka Disney Plus series begin, fans seem to have started a dangerous discussion, claiming that Tano isn’t really as lovable and perfect as many make her out to be.

Many have stated that he is one of the most underrated characters in the Star Wars universe. Some believe that he is “one of the weakest Jedi ever seen” for some reason, even though he “literally has the light side in him”.

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Now that Ahsoka has gotten another series, some fans believe that makes her “one of the most overused and overrated characters in Star Wars.”

Others believe that fans have had enough of Ahsoka in the animated series and she doesn’t need a live-action adaptation. Some simply prefer the animated version of Ahsoka, deeming the first shots of the show “unnatural,” hoping that production is still ongoing and the visuals will be captured at some point.

One fan on Twitter is particularly skeptical of the upcoming show, and not the character.

“Guess. 2 hour long story across 6-8 episodes. Much of the humor stands out and explains more of its own jokes. The show will be 90% full of 1-3 scenes that people actually care about. It will be: forget 3 months after the last episode aired,” the Twitter user F0rg0tt3nPr0f1t said:

Ahsoka is set to appear on Disney Plus at some point in 2023, with an exact premiere date to be announced at a later date. Despite the unexpected skepticism that surfaced after the show premiered, fans are still excited to see Ahsoka Tano, played by Rosario Dawson, in live action.


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