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Here is the article image titled Doctor Who Is The Fashionable Fifteenth Doctor

Image:: BBC:

The BBC has released the first official look Nkuti Gatva the season the doctor who where he will assume his duties Jodie Whitaker as the Fifteenth Doctor. The picture also shows her companion, Ruby Sunday, playing along Millie Gibson.

Gatva’s casting was first confirmed back in May amid endless rumors and speculationwhen he was originally thought to be the Fourteenth Doctor before it was revealed that David Tennant was returning. Since then, details regarding Gatva’s incarnation have been incredibly scarce, and the only important thing to note is: Russell T. Davies After reviving the show in 2005, he returned to the host chair.

Other than that, the only other thing worth noting about Gatva’s doctor is that, frankly, he looks good as hell. Each of the previous Doctors has had their own stylish look, and Fifteen’s is one of the strongest in recent history. It’s just instantly iconic and Gatwa makes that combination look good. All of this brings the rings together, as seen in the following video of Gatwa and Gibson gassing each other, which also happily confirms that the new season Doctor Who? the shooting has started.

It will be a while before we see her and Gibson together. Tennant and a returning Catherine Tate as Donna Noble will headline the trio of specials was intended to celebrate the franchise’s 60th anniversary. Those specials will drop in November 2023, after which the Fifteenth Doctor will lead the show for several years. And that change will come in 2023 Disney+where the show will be exclusively broadcast outside the BBC and could mean a boost to the show’s budget.

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