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Olivia Kaiser “The Challenge. in Ride or Dies
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After thirty-eight seasons, MTV’s reality competition show Challenge has gone into the realm of extreme, well, challenges that breed bumps and bruises. But during Part 1 of Wednesday’s two-part finale, contestant Olivia Kaiser took the show’s physical demands to a new limit, suffering a serious injury that landed her in the hospital.

E:every season The challengee takes structural cues from its subtitle, and this season, Ride or Die, divides former contestants from other reality series into duos or teams. Kaiser (from whom you may remember reality TV Love Island USA) and his partner Horacio Gutierrez Jr. was the only rookie couple to survive to the end ChallengeThis season’s 100-hour finale in Argentina.

Reaching the final, however, was not an easy task for the duo, and Kaiser did not have a particularly easy road ahead of him. First, he cut his finger when it got caught on carabiners during a bola throwing competition. “My finger slipped under the clip and when I threw it, it dug into my finger and tore off the top of my finger. The nerve was coming out and hanging down – a little, white nerve. I thought I broke it because it hit my bone.” Kaiser tells Variety. Kaiser, despite his wound, was finally urged to pause when a bullet struck him in the face during a slingshot.

“I was screaming,” she added treating his wound with antiseptic from the bite. “I have never felt such pain. It hurt even more than my face. So we were in a hurry because of me sitting down and cleaning my finger.”

According to Kaiser, his existing injury and his haste to move led to the slingshot accident, which Kaiser said knocked and shook him to the core. AV club reached out Challenge for comment.

“I thought my teeth were broken because the impact was so strong. I felt that my nose was literally cut off from my face, crooked. I remember putting my nose back a little bit because it came off and I kind of crunched it,” Kaiser recalled. “I licked my teeth to make sure they were all there and had an instant migraine.”

After spending two nights in the hospital, Kaiser returned home strong enough to finish the confession (with two black eyes and a broken nose.) Kaiser says that despite a good recovery, the whole experience made some things in life visible to him.

“I’ve been thinking all my life. I was saying: “Am I permanently traumatized by a TV show for the rest of my life?”he remembers. “I was so excited.”

Kaiser is not the first contestant to feel undue pressure Challenge. The previous iteration of the series, Challenge. USAcame under scrutiny in September 2022, after more than half of its competitors exit during the final inconsistency of complaint rules, such as unfairly suggested time-outs and the ability to strategically “opt out” of some participantsabout certain challenges. Contestant Tyson Apostol also claimed that contestants were misled about the true amount of prize money they were supposed to win;he realized the jackpot was $500,000 for each winner, not $500,000 to split.

these days Challenge Contestants compete for a much larger pot of $1 million. Kaiser said his accident scared him because “it shows that no matter how much safety precautions they take, you never know. Miraculous accidents happen.” But she also said fear has “never” held her back and she will be back Challenge opportunity given.

“If I get a chance, I will definitely come back. I want to come back to redeem myself and all those who supported me.”



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