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Secret codes and menus for any device are tempting. But when it comes to your Roku, these hidden gems might just give you the information you’ve been looking for. Here are some Roku secret menus with codes to unlock them.

Grab your Roku remote or use the Roku app (Android, iPhone, or iPad) to learn where the buttons you need to enter codes are located. These include Home, Forward, Back, and Play, as well as the up, down, left, and right arrows. Before you begin, also make sure you’re on the home screen of your Roku TV.

Channel Info:

The Channel Info hidden menu gives you details about the versions and builds of your Roku channels and other items.

Code: Home (three times) > Up (twice) > Left > Right > Left > Right > Left.

Roku Channel Info menu

Developer settings

The Developer Settings secret screen allows you to enable or disable the app installer or reset the password for Developer mode.

Code: Home (three times) > Up (twice) > Right > Left > Right > Left > Right.

Roku Developer Settings menu

HDMI details

This secret menu allows you to view your Roku device’s HDMI settings.

Code: Home (five times) > Down > Left > Up (three times).

Roku HDMI menu

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Network information

See the Wi-Fi you’re connected to, signal strength, IP address, MAC address and more with the hidden network menu. You can also check or configure the connection.

Code: Home (five times) > Right > Left > Right > Left > Right.

Roku Network menu

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Platform details

The platform’s secret screen lets you see temperature, CPU speed, IP address, and pairing status. You can also access additional menus and secret screens from the bottom right.

Code: Home (five times) > Forward > Play > Back > Play > Forward.

Platform Secret Screen on Roku.

Restore and update

In this secret screen, you can perform a factory reset, USB test, and update your device’s Roku software.

Code: Home (five times) > Forward (three times) > Back (twice).

Roku Reset menu

Screenshots, Images and Ads

Simply named Secret Screen 2, this secret menu allows you to toggle image service, scrolling ads, screenshot output format, Home screen ad banner service, and more.

Code: Home (five times) > Up > Right > In > Left > Up.

Roku images and the Images menu

Wireless details

The Wireless secret screen lets you view Wi-Fi strength, antennas, and drop rates. You can also view logs and perform an access point (AP) speed test.

Code: Home (five times) > Up > Home > Up > Go > Up.

Roku Wireless menu

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Bonus: Reboot Code:

This secret code does not open a menu, but allows you to restart your Roku without unplugging it or entering the settings menu.

Code: Home (five times) > Up > Back (twice) > Forward (twice).

Now that you have these secret Roku codes to unlock hidden menus, will you try a trick or two? For more information, see How to add hidden private channels to your Roku.


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