The luckiest day of the year for each zodiac sign throughout 2023

CONTACT: What does lucky share mean in astrology?

In the year ahead, holding back on greatness truly becomes a thing of the past.

In astrology, the twelve houses make up the zodiac.

Each house rules a certain area of ​​your life, be it love, money or communication.

But when it comes to luck, it’s all about the ninth house of astrology.

This year, each zodiac sign will experience major planetary aspects in their ninth house, making 2023 a lucky year.

The ninth house of astrology is not four-leaf clovers and pennies. You find heads above the ground.

Instead, it rules travel, learning, adventure, and new experiences that come from a wide-open life.

Jupiter, the planet that rules fortune, will be in both Aries and Taurus this year.

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In Aries, it helps you move forward, make a clear cut from the past, and find hope and optimism that things can improve.

The Midas touch is becoming the norm in Taurus.

The Midas touch is a term that refers to King Midas in Greek mythology because everything he touched then turned to gold.


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