Sofia Vergara warms our frozen hearts in rocking little black bikini

Sofia Vergara isn’t a celebrity who hits the ski slopes during the holiday season, fans know she’ll always be found at the beach. So while others are stuck in the deep cold, the 50-year-old actress is melting hearts everywhere with her stunning black bikini photo.

The Gen-X star pulled a very Gen-Z move, sharing her OOTD (outfit of the day) with a bathroom mirror selfie. She showed off her athletic figure in a black bikini with gold trim on the bottom. it’s her fabulous look. Her hair was styled in a beachy style and her subtle makeup had that sun-kissed glow as she looked soulfully in the mirror. He captioned the picture “Playa brisa y mar,” which translates to “beach wind and sea.”

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The former Modern family The star has admitted over the years that she hates “working out”. But don’t worry, she promises, it’s still a big part of her health and wellness regimen. β€œI’m in a bad mood when I have to do it. I’m not an athlete. But I like to dance to Latin music, so I have a coach who dances with me for an hour, three times a week,” she said. Himself magazine. “The truth is, you exercise for health and you look better.”

While she believes exercise is important to her mental and physical health, she’s a true believer that laughter is the best medicine. “I’m not afraid of looking stupid, stupid or ugly,” she shared. β€œIt’s about doing comedy. You can’t think about whether your hair is perfect. If you can get rid of your insecurities, you can be funny.”

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