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Sunday night’s 28th annual Critics’ Choice Awards again brought together a star-studded lineup of TV and film nominees, but some of the Century City-based show’s best moments didn’t make it to air. Back The Hollywood Reporter inside the room, here are the highlights that the TV cameras didn’t show.

Covid is fighting back

“I hope it’s not a super spreader, I’ve heard the Globes are a bit of a super spreader, that’s the word on the street,” mused Natasha Lyonne. THR: carpet, and indeed several big names who attended Tuesday’s screening, including Jamie Lee Curtis, Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson, had to skip the Critics’ Choice after receiving a positive result.

Kerry Condon was left to keep it Banshees of Inisherin team, revealing that co-star Barry Keoghan and his brother, who was supposed to be his date for the event, were also “stuck”.

“I’m a good girl, I go to bed early, I don’t drink, I do all the oregano,” she joked, adding: “You know what, I’m sick of it. I actually want to say, for the record, that I hope people get tested for STDs as much as they do for COVID. Just putting that out there as the new Fauci.”

Christina Applegate’s Red Carpet Return!

It Dead to me The star made her first public appearance at the Hollywood event since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, as co-star James Marsden said he was “very happy about it”. We’re going to have a great time right there supporting each other and celebrating what we’ve done over the last three or four years.” Arriving in a mask and a dazed cane, Applegate shared long heartwarming moments with Julia Roberts and Kate Hudson between commercial breaks.

RRR: Dominion

The fandom surrounding the Indian film and its hit song Naatu Naatu continues to grow, along with awards season wins, winning both the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice awards in the past week. “It’s overwhelming, on cloud nine,” said composer MM. About supporting the caravan, as the director S.S. Rajamouli continued. “It’s always great to have people who admire your work, who encourage you to be better at what we do. Having that kind of support is a big deal. You’re really humbled by that and we’re grateful for that.” It RRR: The team certainly felt the support on Sunday, as the likes of Seth Rogen and Todd Field came to congratulate them after the win.

Award Show Awards:

In addition to her win as best actress on stage, Cate Blanchett also won the “biggest social butterfly” award at Sunday’s show, using frequent commercial breaks with Viola Davis, Michelle Yeoh, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Julia Garner, Jennifer Coolidge, Alejandro. C. Iñárritu, Henry Winkler, and Austin Butler. Julia Roberts was the second, also rotating in the visiting room with Applegate, Coolidge, Tony Kushner and Year:Nina Hoss. And in spite of himself Elvis performance went unrecognized, Butler took home the “most requested selfies” honor after being constantly showered by supporters at every spare moment.

A-List interactions

Critics’ Choice is always guaranteed to rub some good Hollywood elbows, and this year was no different. It Top Gun: Maverick: Miles Teller, Glenn Powell, Lewis Pullman, Danny Ramirez, Gregg Tarzan Davis, and Monica Barbaro reunited as Michelle Williams (and dated Polyphile Phillips) Disclaimer cast and Quinta Brunson hugged it out with Angela Bassett. Newcomers Gabrielle Labelle and Soson Mbedu also exchanged compliments, while Ben Foster and Laura Prepo chatted with Paul Dano and House of the dragonMatt Smith and Alcock visited Daisy Edgar-Jones and Lord of the Rings: Rings of PowerIsmail Cruz Cordova.

Award Season Survival Hacks

For many contenders, Sunday night capped off a busy campaign week and weekend with the pedal to the metal before the Oscar nominations are announced on Jan. 24. And for some, for example, E.too much everywhere at onceStephanie Hsu, has been promoting for almost a year now. So how do these stars keep the energy going when things seem endless? For the A24 film, “We love each other so much and we love our film, and what’s so wild is that so many people haven’t seen it yet, so that’s been a big driving force to say, “This is still something. we truly believe and understand that the success of this film means a lot to our industry and how it shakes it up and what’s possible in the future,” Hsu explained. “It’s like a club where if one of us is tired, someone else takes it back and we go for a second.” For Glass onionKate Hudson, a wellness entrepreneur in her own right, of course prefers to “make products that help me. Lots of vitamin C, lots of zinc, lots of water, and you try to sleep, and you choose your nights to really celebrate.”

Favorites of the best pictures

Awards season is in full swing and the Oscar nominations are just around the corner. THR: Stars polled about their favorite movies of the year, with The triangle of sadness seems to come out on top. Lyons and Paul Walter Hauser both optioned the travel comedy, as Rian Johnson called it. Everything everywhere at once, Banshees of Inisherin and: The Fabelmans. Dano praised Everything everywhere at once, no and: After the sunYes, with Edebiri’s joke. “I loved it Year:i went crazy Year: and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. i loved decision to leave i loved The triangle of sadnessI loved it Eh; I liked a lot of art girl movies.

Single celebrants

While the Critics’ Choice Awards provided a big night for the cast and crew to celebrate together, there were several nominees, including: AndorDiego Luna, who came to the show as a party of one.

“The TV schedule is crazy. no time to celebrate,” Luna explained as the only night Andor representative, while the second season of the Disney+ series is underway. “I finished this first season when the ninth series came out, which was October. We started filming the second season in November. It’s the first time I’m going to celebrate and it’s quite weird because I’m celebrating here by myself because everyone is filming in London. So I’m going to waste tonight on behalf of all my lovely team I work with, but yeah. We’ll finally get to season two and celebrate like crazy.”

Critics’ Choice Kitchen

Inside the ballroom (where it was initially announced that all winners would be allowed just 30 seconds for their speeches), guests were met with a somewhat overwhelming spread of mash and bread offerings. This led to several stage jokes, including one The Dropout:Liz Meriwether, who quipped. Coldstone, however, as one of the sponsors, brought the requisite amount of sugar to the show, with ice cream and cookies handed out at the end of the night. to close as the stars waited for their cars in the Fairmont Century Plaza waiting room, then some party appetizers, including sushi, flatbread and pasta, were quickly grabbed en route.


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