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1. Avatar – The way of water. This Hollywood release rocked the global box office this week with house collections in multiple centres.

The film was patronized by the young audience and it ended up making a huge collection in the first three days. So far, the makers claim that the film has collected a whopping USD 485 million worldwide.

Estimates say that the film has collected more than 100 Cr in the first three days at the Indian box office.

By the end of its first weekend, the film had earned $434.5 million worldwide, with $300.5 million coming from the international box office.

2. HIT 2. Starring Adivi Sesh and Meenakshi Choudhary, this movie is showing in multiple theaters. The film had quite a lot of hype as it is from a successful franchise and Nani was its producer.

The openings were quite good and the conversation was also very positive. Although expected to do wonders at the box office, the film took in 35 Cr from the theatres, three times the production cost.

3. Sasanasabha. Made as a political drama, the film failed to capture the attention of the audience and ended up as a flop.

The trailer looked promising but the traction in the theater was poor and the word of mouth did not help the film.

Despite having an actor like Rajendra Prasad and the story being a war between a chief minister and a lady political rival, it failed to garner box office.

4. Love today. The movie that was rocked in Tamil has hit the Telugu screens. It initially outperformed many of the live-action films in existence, but slowed down very quickly in the following days.

Although this film was a huge success in Telugu, it could not replicate the same miracle it did in Tamil Nadu. Sponsorship of this movie almost ended with Avatar2 effect.

5. Gurthunda Seetakalam. This new episode from last week ended up being a disaster. While the Tamannaah factor pulled the audience to the theaters a little bit, the word-of-mouth publicity hampered the film miserably.

Collections were pitiful and even in a day when most theaters failed to produce impressive collections. The full release of this movie was over very quickly.



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