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A24 release by Darren Aronofsky The point released a strong second weekend, collecting $168.5K from the same six screens in New York and Los Angeles where it opened in its first frame, achieving the year’s biggest theater average, surpassing the distributor’s March release. Everything everywhere at once.

This weekend’s PTA is $28.3k. The point Sunday through Sunday household value is estimated at $596,000.

With a $360,000 debut, the $60,000 per-screen average was also the second-biggest limited opening since 2020 and the best opening since helmer Aronofsky. Black swan in 2010.

Everything Everywhere opened for a $50K PSA on four screens. It grossed over $100 million worldwide and The point will not have that trajectory at the box office. But it’s a huge comeback for its star. Fraser, the former action star Mummy franchise stars an obese, reclusive English teacher struggling to reconnect with his estranged daughter. He’s on every Oscar nominee list and earned nominations at the Critics Choice Awards and Golden Globes this past week.

The film, which created a lot of buzz in Venice, has an audience score of 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, with several sales throughout the weekend. A24 will expand to become a moderate nationwide break on December 21, across around 500 screens.

Searchlight pictures Empire of Light, also in Week 2, earned $235,000 at 436 locations for a $539 PTA and a domestic cume of $471,821 through Sunday. It was not. 10 in the domestic box office. to the distributor Menu:Earned $1.7M in Week 5 at 1,875 locations for a domestic cume of $32,122,499 through Sunday. It was not. 5.

Steven Spielberg The Fabelmans It was 7 from Universalth Weekend gross of $750,000 and $7.66 million in 6th week at 955 locations.

Fathom I heard the bells It was 9 o’clockth In its 9th week at 426 locations, it grossed $309,000 for the weekend, for a $5 million gross.

Back Avatar, Water Road to begin with, the top ten is a bit of a stretch, as the gap between the top film ($134 million domestic) and the rest, especially indie/specialty fare, is pretty stark.

Most distributors of all sizes chose to stay away Avatar:. One new indie release this weekend, Super 8 years By Nobel Prize winner Annie Erno, which opened at Film and Lincoln Center and DCTV Firehouse Cinema in New York City, no numbers yet.

Other reports include for Sideshow/Janus Films EO:which expanded to 33 screens in its 5th week and grossed around $59,500 for a new cume of $238,650.

In the 8th week of Utopia Holy Spider is up to $200K for 50 screens, including $7K weekends.


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