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Each year, the Golden Raspberry Awards are presented on the eve of the Oscars as a counterpoint to Hollywood’s nightlife.

For more than four decades, the “Razis,” as they are widely known, have recognized the industry the worst movies and plays as a way to entertain the seriousness and competitiveness of awards season.

Organizers encourage nominees to “own your badass,” but rarely do people actually show up to claim their trophy, with Halle Berry being a notable exception when she accepted her Razzie. Catwoman (2004) which he described in his acceptance speech as “To pieces, a divine film.”

This year that movies that are honored The Razzie nomination, as it stands, includes the Netflix film Blonde About Marilyn Monroe, Disney Live Action Pinocchio remake with Tom Hanks and of course Morbius.

But there is one nomination that has received a great response. 12-year-old actor Ryan Keira Armstrong, who is nominated for Worst Actress for her role. Firestarter.

The film, in which Armstrong co-starred with Zac Efron, is the second adaptation of Stephen King’s 1980 novel of the same name about a little girl with the power of pyrokinesis. In the 1984 film version, Armstrong was played by Drew Barrymore.

The 2022 version was not a critical success. “No one here seems to know what they’re doing and, more importantly, why,” he said film critic for the Guardian wrote:

Rolling Stone called it “four alarm disaster,” but was still somewhat kind to the young child star (who was 11 at the time of filming), writing: “Armstrong does his best in a mostly impossible role.”


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