The latest Mandalorian season three trailer is all about redemption

Disney+ has released a new trailer The Mandalorian during the NFL Wild Card Game on ESPN and the ABC Network. It shows Pedro Pascal’s character Dean Jarin and Grogu reuniting and going on their next adventure. Dean also reveals in the trailer that he is returning to the planet Mandalore in an attempt to redeem himself after taking off his helmet and showing his face at the end of season 2. The Children of Watch, a religious sect that considers it a serious offense to remove your helmet in front of others.

While Dean deals with the consequences of his decision, the New Republic struggles. “And by the time it gets big enough for you to act on, it will be too late.” The trailer also shows that Grogu has a better handle on the Force after traveling with Luke Skywalker to train at his Jedi Temple last season.

Disney released its first trailer for the show at last year’s D23 Expo, showing us that everyone’s favorite Star Wars family will indeed be reunited for Season 3. Now this new trailer gives us a taste of what Dean and Grogu will be up against. Not that we’ll be waiting long for the next season to end. Season 3 will be available to stream on Disney+ starting March 1.

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