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Screenshot:: Iron Circus Studios:

Unless you’re reading Tracy Butler’s webcomic Insufficiency, you missed it. Don’t worry though, not only do you have time to catch up, but Iron Circus Comics is bringing the comics to life with a 27-minute animated short film that, frankly, looks incredible.

Seriously, I’m not trying to oversell this. This could be done Don Blatt at his peak.

Lackadaisy TRAILER:

Here’s the summary, courtesy Butler’s. “On the banks of the Mississippi River, amid national prohibition, a down-on-his-luck jazz musician, a failed police recruit and a fast-talking flapper take on the mantle of a gangster to keep their struggles in business unfettered. In over their heads when they are ambushed by a rival gang armed to the teeth, this is the story of their mad dash to survive the night shift.”

It short film, directed by Fable Siegel, currently due to arrive in March. It will run 27 minute so don’t sleep o:n it, if it’s good I think there’s a pretty good short that will end up as animated game at some point…

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