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Philip Marlowe stars as the iconic 1930s detective in his new film Marlowe.

By TeeJay Small | Published

The trailer of Liam Neeson’s latest film has been released. Marlowe, on YouTube. In the trailer, Neeson anchors the film with his gritty, gritty performance as the titular detective Philip Marlowe alongside co-stars Jessica Lange and Diane Kruger, set in 1930s Hollywood. The film hits theaters on February 15th and promises to be a classic film noir The Crying Game writer and director Neil Jordan.

The film is said to follow Liam Neeson’s Marlowe as he is hired to track down the former lover of Diane Kruger’s glamorous heiress. Things seem to get more complicated when Kruger’s curious movie star Jessica Lange becomes involved, unraveling a web of deception, pushing the detective into a dangerous investigation into power and corruption, and threatening to reveal secrets that could sink his career as a private eye. The plot is very reminiscent of the noir thrillers of the early 20th century, harkening back to a nostalgic era of cinema that fell by the wayside in favor of large-scale blockbusters and comic book adaptations.

According to IMDb, Liam Neeson has over 139 acting credits including Marlowe, with 6 films in various stages of active production. The star made her breakthrough role in an adaptation of John Bunyan called Pilgrim’s Progress in 1978, before starring in iconic films by the likes of Steven Spielberg Schindler’s list, Takenand: Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.

Liam Neeson Marlowe

In recent years, Liam Neeson has developed a reputation for starring roles that contain excessive violence and gore, which seems to take center stage in this trailer, as Philip Marlowe is seen smashing a chair into dozens of pieces on an attacker’s head.

Liam Neeson also seems to be letting loose a bit Marlowe, after he made waves back in 2019 for some problematic racial comments in the media. It Ordinary Love the star assured the presenters Good morning America! that his comments were misunderstood and that he is certainly not racist, although his denials seem to have fallen on deaf ears. After recently appearing on Donald Glover’s FX show as a fictional version of himself AtlantaLiam Neeson pointedly made his intentions clear with these comments, before doubling down on the humor, showing that he’s moved on and is willing to joke about his career mistakes.

Marlowe based on the 2014 novel by John Banville The Black Eyed Blondeand features the character of Philip Marlowe in eleven films since its creation by Raymond Chandler in 1939. The film premiered on September 24 at the 70th San Sebastian International Film Festival, but audiences can see Liam Neeson bring Marlowe to life in theaters nationwide this February.

Will Liam Neeson’s role as private investigator Philip Marlowe bring back the classic film noir aesthetic of the early 20th century? For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.


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