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When it hits shelves in 2018, Miriam Toews Talking women received rave reviews. Based on the true events of a Mennonite community in Bolivia, it featured a high-stakes encounter between the women of that community, who were tasked with deciding how to respond to years of violence. By all accounts, Sarah Pauley did the book justice alongside a strong cast that includes Rooney Mara, Claire Foy, Jessie Buckley, Frances McDormand and more. The film has taken the Oscars by storm, and it’s very, very easy to see why.

Here is Polley’s statement Talking women:

“In me Talking women, a group of women, many of whom disagree on essential issues, have a conversation to discover how they can move forward together to build a better world for themselves and their children. Although the story behind the events that took place Talking women is violent, the movie is not. We never see the violence that the women were subjected to. We only see brief glimpses of the aftermath. Instead, we watch a community of women come together as they must decide in a very short time what their collective response will be. When I read Miriam Toews’ book, it sank deep into me, raising questions and thoughts about the world I live in that I had never expressed. Questions about forgiveness, faith, power systems, trauma, healing, guilt, community, and identity. It also gave me a surprising amount of hope. I imagined this film in the realm of fable. Although the story of the film is specific to a small religious community, I felt it needed a larger canvas, an epic frame through which to reflect the enormity and universality of the issues raised in the film. To that end, it seemed imperative that the film’s visual language breathe and expand. I wanted to experience in each frame the infinite potential and possibility contained in the conversation about how to recreate a broken world.”

The film will hit limited theaters on Christmas Day to qualify for the Oscars before being released in January.



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