Sailor Moon Cosmos Anime Movie Trailer Reveals Sailor Starlights Cast, June Openings – News!

Official website for: Gekijōban Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Cosmos (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos Movie), a two-part anime film project adapting the final Shadow Galactica arc Naoko Takeuchithe original of Sailor Moon manga began streaming a special promotional video for the films on Tuesday. The video reveals the June 9th and June 30th opening dates for the films, as well as revealing the cast of three Sailor Starlights members.

Saori Hayami (top left in top image) plays Taiki Kō/Sailor Star Maker (bottom left). Marina Inoue (top center) plays Seiya Kō/Sailor Star Fighter (bottom center). Ayane Sakura (top right) plays Yaten Kō (bottom right).


The films will feature returning cast members.

Tomoya Takahashi (Den-noh Coil:, Gatchaman Crowds) is the director of both films Toei animation. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (all six JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure! parts Land of glitter, PriPara:) returns to writing scripts. Kazuko Tadanothe original character designer Sailor Moon Anime continues to develop characters. Yasuharu Takanashi (Naruto Shippuden) returns to making music. Yumiko Soraga is the artistic director.

Netflix: started airing in two parts Beautiful guardians Sailor Moon Eternal The movie (Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Eternalanime film project worldwide on June 3. The two-part film project takes the place of the fourth season. Sailor Moon Crystal. The films include the Dead Moon arc of Takeuchi’s original manga.

The first film was originally scheduled to open in Japan on September 11, 2020, but was delayed until January 2021 due to the spread of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Japan. The second film opened in Japan in February 2021. The films celebrate 25 years privilege last had a work that was shown in cinemas in Japan.

The third Sailor Moon Crystal season, which featured a new cast and focused on the Death Busters arc (also called the Infinity arc), premiered in April 2016. Crunchyroll:, Niconicoand: Hulu aired the season. The three services and others aired the first two Sailor Moon Crystal seasons overseas since they debuted online in Japan. Netflix: is also streaming Sailor Moon Crystal.

Viz Media: licensed all three seasons for release in North America. The company released the first season Sailor Moon Crystal On DVD and DVD/Blu-ray Disc combo pack in August 2016, season two in February 2017, and season three in December 2017.

Viz Media:the release of Sailor Moon Stars:the fifth and final season of the original Sailor Moon The anime adaptation of the Shadow Galactica arc marks the first time the season has received a home video release in North America. Sailor Moon Stars: originally aired for 34 episodes from 1996 to 1997.

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