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“Piss in shoes. last wish star Antonio Banderas, who suffered a heart attack in 2017, recalled how he walked away with a new outlook on life in a recent interview with Page Six.

Banderas, who stars in the latest installment in the Shrek film franchise, shared his perspective after suffering a heart attack that he said was not serious and did not cause any damage in 2017.

The Puss in Boots star, who reportedly received stents in his arteries after suffering a heart attack, told the publication that the experience was “probably one of the best things” that ever happened to him.

“I realized that it was probably one of the best things that ever happened in my life because the things that weren’t important and I was worrying about them every day were pointless,” Banderas said.

“I was like, why do I worry about it if I’m going to die? I always knew [that I was going to die], but now I know. I’ve seen it right here.”

Antonio Banderas performs Puss in Boots at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Frederick P. Rose Hall on December 13 in New York City. the last wish” premiere.

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Banderas says his friends, family, including his daughter Stella, and his “vocation as an actor” remained after the heart attack, while other things he cut away from things he “used to think were important, but weren’t.”

The actor has previously been open about his heart attack over the years and told The Associated Press that filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, with whom he worked on the Golden Globe and Oscar-nominated Pain and Glory, told him, that “not to hide this thing.” ” when they shot the movie.

“I knew exactly what he was talking about because after a heart attack you get a lot of information about what life is all about, which is very difficult to put into words, but it just creates a new way of understanding life itself. . Banderas told the news service in 2019.



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