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Paul Walter Houser appeared on an AEW Rampage segment where he had his Golden Globe stolen by the wrestlers.

By Jessica Scott |: Published

Paul Walter Hauser was just trying to share his Golden Globe win with his friends AEW Rampage: when it was brutally (and fictionally) stolen from him by All Elite Wrestling stars Sonjay Dutt, Satnam Singh, Jay Lethal and WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. According to Slashfilm, the foursome smashed him over the head with a guitar and took his award in the ensuing chaos, before later speaking about their awards show.

You can see the entire segment below.

While pro wrestling is fake (sorry, dad), Paul Walter Hauser’s Golden Globe Award is very real. He won Best Supporting Actor for his role in the Apple TV+ series. Black bird.

The crime drama miniseries is based on the novel of the same title With Satan. a fallen hero, a serial killer and a dangerous ransom deal by James Keene and Hillel Levin, which in turn is based on true events. Paul Walter Hauser’s Golden Globe-winning portrayal of serial killer Lawrence “Larry” Hall, who is said to have killed 14 women.

Paul Walter Hauser has been a professional wrestling fan his entire life and has also appeared in a fight. I think you should leave with AEW’s Brody King. He even used the phrase “get the tables” in his Golden Globe acceptance speech. So it stands to reason that he would be excited to be there AEW Rampage.

Unfortunately, however, he was doomed from the moment he entered the ring to speak with interviewer Rene Paquette. Although he says he likes professional wrestling more than doing television, he is soon interrupted by a villainous gang of wrestlers.

However, Paul Walter Hauser defends her, telling Jeff Jarrett that she “looks like a woman on Crunch Fitness” and that she probably can’t even play her guitar, even though she brings it with her everywhere. He then takes a punch of his own before a fight breaks out, but quickly goes down when Jarrett smashes his guitar over the Golden Globe winner’s head.

Jay Lethal then picks up Paul Walter Hauser’s Golden Globe and admires it for a moment before Orange Cassidy and best friends come to save the day. Jarrett and his friends make off with the prize, however, posing for the cameras with it before heading backstage.

Before leaving the building, they give their speech, with Sonjay Dutt calling the four villains “the greatest professional wrestlers today”. Then they made it clear that Paul Walter Hauser won’t be getting that Golden Globe back anytime soon.

Slashfilm goes on to say that no medical update has been given on Paul Walter Hauser since his Golden Globe was stolen, but that will likely never happen since it was all just a made-for-TV sketch.

Maybe Paul Walter Hauser’s partner, though Cobra Kai can he step in and use his karate moves to win back the Golden Globe for his friend? I guess we all have to wait for the next episode AEW Rampage: find out


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