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Nagababu is to Pawan Kalyan what ABN Radhakrishna is to Chandrababu Naidu. Assuming they speak and write perfectly about Pawan and CBN respectively, they dump both of them and put them on the defensive.

Tarm Nagababu made some funny statements about Pawan Kalyan. He said that Pawan does not do normal films but only chooses the best.

For this, netizens started trolling stating that the so-called best could be Panjaa, Gangatho Rambabu, Sardar Gabbar Singh, Ajnatawasi and Katamarayudu.

Another netizen trolled by mentioning all his remake movies.

“Nagababu could say: “My brother takes advances from producers, but no one knows when he gives them the dates. He is good at risking the careers of directors and other actors by delaying the filming. for an indefinite period: He is known for harassing producers by forcing them to pay high interest due to delays in his projects. My brother collects the worst movies and ends up in the Johnnys if left without help. So we kept Trivikram as his PAP to take care of him.”

Actually the above is the height of the troll.

Adding to this, Nagababu also said that Pawan Kalyan once had a lot of income, but now he is penniless.

Internet users point to this. “Now he needs a penny when he gets a regular package.”

Nagababu kept Pawan Kalyan in trouble in every possible way by talking nonsense about his cinema and political aspects.



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