Leslie Grace showed off Batgirl’s new costume from the canceled movie

An image from the article, titled Leslie Grace, reveals what could have been Batgirl's final costume

Image:: Warner Bros.

2022 is behind us, but it seems the mystery of justice what the hell happened with Warner Bros. deletion of that Batgirl: movie will be with us for a while, especially a while longer star Leslie Grace still teasing about what? that supposedly almost finished film could do for Barbara Gordon.

In a new Instagram video that Grace posted on New Year’s Day, the actress shared a very short look. behind the scenes Batgirl:. But a shot is included in one of the segments Grace picks up food in costume no A Batgirl of Burnside inspired costume that was all we’ve ever seen in the officially published material from the movie. Instead it looks like what could have been Barbara’s final costume in the film.

It basically resembles the armored style of the iconic Batgirl’s classic costume from 1966. Batman TV show, fusing the look of a modern superhero padded outfit with the bright purples and yellows of Barbara’s most iconic costumes. It works as an upgrade to the Burnside-style look, which itself featured a more muted version of a similar color palette, and while an obviously random BTS shot wouldn’t quite capture what the costume would look like painted and lit. The latest movie seems like Warner Bros. just isn’t going to for now give us a chance to see that. So this is the best we have.

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