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Jenna Ortega wishes she had done more in her viral dance on Wednesday’s hit show.

By Jennifer Asensio |: Published

Jenna Ortega’s star was already on the rise when she was cast in the Netflix show of the same name. wednesday, but that doesn’t mean the up-and-coming young actress is immune to self-criticism about her performance. In a video interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said there was “so much” she “could have done” and “should have done” with dance. He improvised the dance himself, creating a scene that’s so popular it’s been recreated, mocked and otherwise performed by fans on social media, especially TikTok.

Despite her popularity, the star is still second-guessing her performance and choreography, especially since she says she’s not a professional dancer. That means every second of the dance she did during The Cramps’ “Goo Goo Muck” is really Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Adams. It’s a pretty scary thing to create something in public, but having improv as the high point of a record-breaking hit show on Netflix seems to have caught the actress off guard the second time around.

Interviewer Nichelle Turner asked Jenna Ortega how she feels after her stardom wednesday, and the star admitted it was “a bit of an adjustment” for her. Turner then asked her about the dance scene and whether she expected it to go viral, and Jenna Ortega was not only humbled, but even a little shocked by all the attention she received from the scene.

“I had completed some of the steps I had planned. It was one of those scenes that I stay up at night thinking about. There was so much I could and should have done. So the fact that anyone has shown any appreciation or even tried it themselves is beyond me.”

– Jenna Ortega

He also admitted that he didn’t go to TikTok to watch the tribute because “for better or worse,” he says, “it’s probably not a healthy place.” While fans may be disappointed to learn that she hasn’t seen any of their videos of her amazing dance routines, it’s good to know that Jenna Ortega is still very smart about her success. wednesday. It’s easy to get carried away when Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and infamous Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva are all imitating you because they’re former Disney actresses.

Jenna Ortega White Tiger

As the interview continued, the actress was asked about her upcoming film Scream 6, and how it was last year Scream reboot to recreate the legendary scene where Drew Barrymore’s Casey talks to Ghostface from the opening of the first film. Once again, the actress was full of humility, talking about the pressure of recreating the iconic scene and what a dream it was to work with one of horror’s most iconic killers. Jenna Ortega can be seen Scream 6: when it’s released in March 2023, and she’s as recognizable as Tara Carpenter as Wednesday Adams.

Let’s hope Jenna Ortega isn’t too disappointed with her dance in Season 1 Episode 4. wednesday that he cannot bring himself to do otherwise. Season 2 has already been greenlit by Netflix, and show creators Miles Millar and Al Gough have even already pitched Season 3 to the streaming giant. Jenna Ortega has reimagined the role in a way fans love, and hopefully she’ll feel confident enough to develop more into a character she clearly understands and enjoys playing as much as we enjoy watching her.


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