James Wan on the future of M3GAN, a potential Blumhouse merger

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James Wan has been in the horror game for years, but it was a collaborative effort in the 2010s lower and 2013 The Conjuring: it served as a huge boon to his career. The financial success of those films made both consistent franchises, and allowed Wan to channel the non-horror crowd pleasers Angry 7:00 and recently Aquaman. But even when he’s not directing horror, he still has one foot in the genre, like next week M3GAN: will confirm.

With so many franchises under Wan’s domain, you’d be right to think so M3GAN: could be the start of another series. (Not a bad time to release a horror franchise based on a killer toy!) But in a recent interview Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker said he is “superstitious” and is currently focusing solely on this first film. “I don’t like to talk about sequels until the first movie is over,” he said. “But like any film I make, I’m always thinking about the bigger world. […] So if we’re lucky enough to tell a different story, we can get out of the bigger world.”

M3GAN: derives from the history it creates With Akela Cooper, her co-authoremployee in 2021 Malignant. From their recent teamsWan called Cooper “brave” and a writer of his caliber for “not being afraid to just go out there and lean into the absurd and make it work. […] He can take an idea that’s really outside the box and bring a human element to it.” That was the mission statement M3GAN, And it looks like they’ll be working together for a long time, she added, as Cooper has written next year’s sequel. The nun (referenced from a story written by the couple), and can receive a labeled in for a: potential Malignant track on the line.

Through his Atomic Monster label, Van produces M3GAN: with Blumhouse’s Jason Blum, and it looks like the partnership could lead to a merger between the two where they continue to exist as separate labels. When asked about it by the Hollywood Reporter , Bloom admitted that there are “advanced talks” going on, and while she’s hopeful it will happen, nothing is written in ink. enough yet. However, if it goes through, it could lead to Blumhouse’s 2020 sequel. Invisible man reboot. Bloom hoped Wan could pull it off, adding that he would be “more than happy” to make it happen.

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